Make your feet smooth and as soft as a baby’s foot.

If your feet are constantly dry or cracked due to everyday activities like walking or just wearing shoes, a Baby Foot peel can turn back time and reveal baby-like smoothness on the soles of your feet.

In about an hour, this painless foot peel removes dead skin cells with more than a dozen natural extracts that exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Healthy skin is undamaged while dead skin gently peels away.

Get your feet ready for summer! Baby Foot peels cost $25. Call 574-968-9100 or contact The Center P.C. online to schedule your appointment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Baby Foot peel work?

A Baby Foot peel is essentially a chemical peel for your feet. Baby Foot contains several natural extracts as well as active ingredients like lactic acid, which initiate the peeling process.

First, patients slide their feet into two plastic socks that contain the gel ingredients. Feet remain in the gel for about an hour. Patients can walk around if necessary, but sitting is preferred. Patients experience no pain or discomfort while the gel is in contact with the feet.

Next, the plastic socks are removed; the feet are washed and dried.

Results will vary among individuals, depending on the thickness of dead skin cells on the feet. Peeling usually begins within three to seven days after application.

Am I a good candidate for a Baby Foot peel?

With only a few exceptions, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of a Baby Foot peel.

Baby Foot contains both lactic and glycolic acid, which may cause discomfort or infection in individuals who have warts, open sores, skin sensitivity, or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Talk with your provider about any potential sensitivities, allergies, or concerns you may have before enjoying a Baby Foot treatment.

When can I use lotion on my feet?

Try to avoid using lotion on your feet until after the peeling process in complete. If your feet are too dry, use an oil free lotion sparingly.

How long will my feet peel?

Generally, peeling begins within three to seven days and takes approximately seven to 10 days peel completely. However, depending on the thickness of the dead skin, peeling may begin up to 14 days after treatment and last several days.

To encourage the peeling process, after bathing, gently rub your feet with your hands. Do not use a foot file to aid peeling—it will generate more dead skin cells.

How often can I get a Baby Foot peel?

Baby foot is safe to use whenever you notice a buildup of dead skin cells, rough, or cracked skin. We recommend at least two weeks between peeling treatments for safe and beautiful results.

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If you’re unhappy with dry, cracked, or callused feet, a Baby Foot peel is an affordable, painless way to get beautiful looking feet.

To schedule an appointment, or if you have questions about Baby Foot peel, call the Center P.C. at  574-968-9100, or contact The Center P.C. online to get started now.

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