What Can a Facelift Do for Me?

Even though everyone ages, it can be emotionally challenging and impact your confidence when signs of aging start to appear on the face. To fix this, many people turn to a facelift to address the appearance of sagging facial skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. When completed by our board-certified plastic surgeons, a facelift can take years off your face, rejuvenating and restoring your youthfulness.

How Safe Are Facelifts?

You might be concerned about the safety, risks and potential dangers associated with getting a facelift. However, the most important thing on your mind should be choosing the best plastic surgeon to perform your facelift. You should be aware of your plastic surgeon’s history, certifications, and credentials before trusting them with your delicate facial skin and tissue. Thankfully, The Centre, P.C. employs highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons to ensure outstanding service for our patients.

Am I the Right Candidate for a Facelift?

Facelift surgery is ideal for you if you have noticed one or more of the following facial issues: skin sagginess, loose skin on the neck, jowls created by sagging tissues along the jawline, loss of youthful volume and fullness in the cheeks and lips, or the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Facelifts are generally performed on patients aged 50 and older, with the intention of creating a refreshed look. If you are considering facelift surgery, you should be in overall good health. For example, if you have high blood pressure or diabetes that is well controlled, you may still be a candidate; however, more serious conditions such as a blood clotting disorder would prevent you from being able to have a facelift. It is absolutely vital to disclose all of your medical history with our physicians for this reason.

Who Should Perform my Facelift?

Though no surgery is completely risk-free, the fact is that the majority of complications that arise from surgery are a result of negligence and inexperience. The facility where you obtain your facelift also matters: if the location is poorly sanitized or unhygienic, you can easily experience complications from your facelift procedure. Worst of all, you can even risk permanently damaging your face.

This is why it is incredibly important to obtain your facelift surgery from a reputable surgeon at our plastic surgery center. Plastic surgeons undergo several years of extensive and rigorous training and only operate in safe, highly sanitized and hygienic rooms. Do not attempt to save money by cutting corners or looking for a cheap deal for your plastic surgery procedure – this will just end in damage and heartbreak, and the most likely outcome is that you will spend even more money in costly revision surgeries to fix the damage. Instead, call The Centre P.C. to discuss getting the safest facelift you can.

Reach Out to The Centre P.C. to Discuss Facelift Safety

When it comes to medical expertise and exceptional client service, we do it best. We are passionate about providing exceptional service to our patients. We pride ourselves on being there for you every step of the way, offering safety, comfort, and trust right from your initial consultation. This is why our clients come to our plastic surgery practice time and time again for all of their cosmetic and plastic surgery needs.

We believe in administering facelifts that complement and enhance the unique features of your face. Our team excels in creating the most natural-looking and natural-feeling enhancements for our clients. Book your facelift consultation today to get started.

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